Saturday, July 8, 2017

July 8 – “Changing plans”

We didn’t do our run yesterday.  That would be my bad.  I just felt that my body needed a day to recuperate a little more fully.  I had some kind of weird episode with my lower back the other night.  I was getting ready for bed when suddenly it felt the same way it did when I had a myelogram (That’s the evil dye-in-the-spine test).  Lots of intense pressure and pain from the lower back down, and my legs began to buckle.  I managed to sit down on the thoughtfully-provided white seating receptacle in that room, and the spell eventually passed.  Very strange and quite frightening, actually.  I guess that was in the back of my head in my decision to forego the walk.  Besides, today’s a new day.  We’ll either walk or do yardwork this morning, so I’ll get in the exercise I missed. 

Since we didn’t walk, we did do the next best thing.  Actually a day off kind of thing.  We haven’t done anything with that sort of description in a long time.  We went to a movie.  Spiderman Homecoming.  I’m not one to be a spoiler, so I won’t describe any key details.  Just this … think high school angst, pterodactyl, Avengers.  There.  That’s enough clues.  Oh, wait.  One more thing.  Stay to the bitter end.  All the way through the credits.  All the way.  It will be worth the wait. 

Christina and the kids went to the library yesterday, so they came over to hang out for a while afterward.  Kel eventually joined us as well, when he finished his route.  And of course that meant … Pizza Friday.  Micah and Josiah joined me to go pick them up.  On the way I asked both of them what car they planned to drive when they got old enough.  Josiah was a red Lamborghini all the way.  He planned to purchase it with his bonus money when he got his first pro baseball contract.  Micah started out with a sports car as well.  I reminded then that sports cars usually seat just two people comfortably.  “What will happen when you and your wife start to have kids?”  Now that was an issue they were both familiar with.  But Josiah had the answer immediately.  “Oh, I’m not getting married.  Ever.”  Micah, however, grew more pensive.  Perhaps thinking in terms of that big baseball contract, he changed his mind about his automobile of choice as well as his course of action in life.  His changes?  First he will get a truck.  Next purchase, an iPhone 7.  Then a house … a really big house.  And finally … he wants a pool as well.  Sounds like he is all set.  Later in the afternoon Josiah had apparently begun to rethink things as well.  Out of the blue he said to his mother, “I’m going to take my honeymoon money Toronto and get a hotel room there at the baseball stadium.”  (Side note: We were watching the Astros play the Toronto team, and sure enough, there is a hotel that overlooks the ball park.  Some Astros fans had taken over one room and placed pro Astro signs in the windows).  So … at least two of our boys are all set in their life goals … for now. 

James 3:18 says, “Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.”

Father, walk with all our youngsters as they make and change and refine their life plans over the years.

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