Thursday, July 6, 2017

July 6 – “What would YOU do?”

We had an interesting day yesterday.  It started out the same as many other days.  I was hard at work over my computer, trying to finish up the research for the teaching on Sunday.  Chris spent the better part of the day reading.  She finally finished the last of the Harry Potter books … again.  I think that’s her sixth time through.  I was trying to get in as much work as I could before heading out to the church for staff meeting.

And at the church we had another group come in to stay at the retreat center.  Oh there were no people around when I got there, but they left some evidence of their presence.  Remember back when I ordered and installed those signs for the church?  The ones that were clearly marked “Drive Thru” with an arrow pointing to the lane designated for that purpose?  That’s the one.  Yep.  That’s the lane that locals have started using as a short cut to get to the beach.  That’s the one that allows us access to the back parking areas around the church.  That’s the one that gives us access to the road behind the church so we can get to the mailbox and to the red light intersection without having to wait on traffic.  That’s the one that had a big old trailer parked right in the middle of it.  I went through several potential responses.  I don’t have a trailer hitch on my truck, so moving it myself was out of the question.  I did go upstairs.  Had there been anyone there I would have spoken to them in person.  I really didn’t want to just leave a note, though.  I also considered calling our retreat center coordinator.  But in the end, I just went around the silly thing.  They do need to have it moved before Sunday, though.

Yesterday afternoon we decided to take a little drive.  Oh, we had places to go.  It wasn’t a rambling road trip through the city or anything.  That would be placing our lives in danger unnecessarily.  We went to Randalls to pick up a prescription.  They were also supposed to have the coffee we use on sale, but they didn’t have any of the kind we drink (Starbuck’s Sumatra beans).  While we were out we went by the local animal shelter.  No, we are not looking for another pet, although there was one little guy in there who looked a lot like Fritz.  Mean as a snake, though.  But I digress.  Chris wanted to check and see if by some freak chance someone had picked up Kel and Christina’s dog Lucy in LaMarque and brought her to the Island.  Slim chance, and it didn’t pay off, but at least we can say we tried. 

Oh, and the quote of the day came from a lady at the shelter.  She and another woman came in with a cute little pup, apparently to see about getting the dog fixed.  We missed most of the conversation, but we did hear this little tidbit as she held her puppy tight: “Would you want your momma to spay you before you had your first litter?” 
Umm … well … I don’t …

James 3:16 says, “For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.”

Father, be with that lady as she makes decisions in her life.  Amen.

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